Dr. Lorraine is a great interviewer


Dr. Lorraine is a lifelong learner


Dr. Lorraine is a communicator



I gave your link to one of our potential groups for next year to learn a bit about us. They came back that night for dinner and said they also liked your site and read more on you. It helped us pick up this group. Thanks!

Robert Comstock, General Manager of Pacific'O Restaurant

Lorraine is an extremely talented individual that possesses a high level of intellect and work ethic. She also has excellent interpersonal skills and is very capable of building consensus across a broad range of people regardless of their level in the company. Lorraine is someone that I would always want to seek out to be a part of a team that I'm on.

Frank Peake, VP Strategic Planning & Business Development at American Shipping Group

Lorraine is a person of energy, education and organization. She is a true researcher always striving to capture the essence of the material before delivering.

Cleon Cox, Cox & Associates

Lorraine has shown exceptional leadership abilities. I highly recommend Lorraine for her exceptional skills and human relations expertise.

Scott Hoehn, CEO Ability Clinical Technologies

She is a pleasure to work with not only for the knowledge that she possesses, but also for the zest with which she goes about sharing and applying that knowledge. She has a knack for analyzing processes in and out of her area of expertise and always seems to find a way to make them run more smoothly.

Tom Wallace, Manager of Customer & Shipment Services at Sea Star Line

She has led training efforts and guided many teams through cross-functional initiatives. These initiatives have created seven-figure cost savings, enhanced internal operations, reduced errors and rework and substantial gains in customer satisfaction. Dr. Lorraine understands organizations, systems and people. She is an effective change agent and her contributions produce both performance improvement and enhanced bottom line results.

Hal Resnick, Owner of Work Systems Associates

Lorraine has a talent for walking into any situation, evaluating it, and improving it! She has an incredible imagination and sees no boundaries in her capabilities and those that she works with. 'It can't be done' is not a possibility with Lorraine. She has an amazing talent for taking on multiple projects and giving each one 100% of her time and energy. I have enjoyed Lorraine's professional relationship, and her spunky personal side as well.

Kim Goodson, Pharmaceutical Account Management