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Aromatherapy Gifts for Nosy People

Kids who rely mainly on their vision are called “visual learners.” They say things like, “look at me!” As adults they say, “I see what you mean.” When you know what to look for, it’s easy to detect a person’s dominant sense, especially in children. But unfortunately, many adults lose touch with their good sense.

nosy person

The five basic senses are visual, tactile, auditory, gustatory and nosy. Each of us has a dominant one. You probably know plenty of nosy people, but you may not be familiar with which aromatherapy products are best suited for different types. Let’s eavesdrop on a few nosy peeps.

Number One: Tinker Bells

Social Tinker Bells enjoy going out for drinks with friends. Social tinklers invite a friend to join them when they go to the restroom. It gives them time to ask personal questions about the other people with them.

Shy tinklers go alone. At work they spend their break time in the restroom listening to their coworkers make stall calls. Tinklers don’t care whether their colleagues are calling to argue with their spouse, or calling about why their credit card was denied. It’s all good stuff.

imagesNosy tinklers like to pee a little and save some more for later, like dogs do when they go on walks. Why waste a good pee all at once? They spend a lot of time in the bathroom tinkering around, powdering their noses and rearranging their hair. So it’s convenient for them to have aromatherapy products in the bathroom where they can access them easily.

LUSH products are ideal gifts for Tinker drinkers who use colognes, perfumes, or breath fresheners to cover up the smell of alcohol. LUSH products are a powerful remedy they’ll love.

If you’re drawn to the enticing smells of essential oils from nature, you can’t help but go inside a LUSH to snoop around and sniff their fragrant items. If you’ve ever been near a LUSH, you know what I’m talking about. You can smell them coming and going. Tinker Bells can’t resist.

Number Two: Loggers

When loggers visit you, they’ll ask to use the bathroom to wash their hands, but the truth is, they’re full of crap. What they really want to do is look in your medicine chest to see what types of prescriptions you’re taking and look under your sink to see what they might dig up. They don’t mean to butt-in, but they can’t help themselves.

That’s why you should stock your bathroom with Trap-A-Crap. It’s the perfect product for people like loggers, hunters and campers who know how much a few good logs can put out. You don’t have to be a professional logger to recognize the smell of fresh cut wood.

A lot of people don’t like loggers. They believe that deforestation is harming the planet, so people are banding together in organizations like the World Wildlife Fund and The Nature Conservancy to save the trees. Talks are underway between the tinklers and loggers. They’re planning on uniting to help protect the rainforest.

Number Three: Physicians

Nosy tactile people become gynecologists, nurses and moms. They’re genuinely into people. But in order for them to do their job well, they have to ask a lot of questions and do a lot of poking around. Sometimes this can be uncomfortable.

Olbas aromatic oil is an herbal remedy that loosens muscles, soothes nasal passages, and even reduces symptoms of nausea. It’s a sensational multi-purpose product they’ll love.

Olbas Oil is made in an olfactory in Basel, Switzerland. For more than 100 years, Olbas’ products have been delighting people throughout the world. According to the makers, “The synergistic combination of these six essential oils provides amazing sensations to your body at multiple levels.” I want some of that, don’t you?

Number Four: Outdoor enthusiasts

Louis C K lives in The Big Apple. Because it’s one of the most densely populated cities in the US, New Yorkers are more likely to experience nosy neighbors. He tells this story about a fellow outdoor enthusiast he encountered shortly after he moved into his new apartment . . .

Beat It! insect repellent is an ideal gift for outdoorsmen who put themselves at risk of getting stung every time they go outdoors. It’s obvious that Louis likes this deet-free product, which apparently works well for men. Michael Jackson liked it so much he wrote a song about it.

Apply it wherever you typically get bit. Why swat it when you can Beat It?

Number Five: Hypochondriacs

Hypochondriacs complain about random health issues. Take rhinosinusitus, for example. This is a condition in which the nasal passages become inflamed and blocked due to allergies or infection.

When nosy people lose their sense of smell, it’s like blindfolding a visual teen boy at a crowded beach. Nosy hypochondriacs appreciate this homeopathic spray that gives them the quick remedy they need to get their noses back to minding other people’s business.

I use Sinus Buster when my spring or fall allergies flair up. I do one good squirt in each nostril and then lay down to do some deep breathing. When you spray a small dose of red hot cayenne pepper up your nose, it turns out, your eyes water and you can feel your sinuses begin to clear immediately. For long-time allergy sufferers, it’s a dream come true.

Number Sex: Star Gazers

Some nosy people have sleep issues. If you know someone who has a telescope in his bedroom, it probably means he has this disorder. He’s an anonymous volunteer for the neighborhood watch. When he can’t sleep, he checks on his neighbors. He really wants to settle down, but he thinks if he does, it would be a nightmare.

An aromatherapeutic pillow mist is a great gift for gazers. When they spray this special mist on their pillows and sheets, it helps to lure them into bed and into a more relaxed state of mind.

We don’t have a telescope in our bedroom, but we do mist our sheets several times a week. My husband says he likes it.

Number Seven: Housecleaners

Imagine the refreshing smell of citrus when you tear away the peel of an orange. Compare this to the smell of a cigar or car fumes. What you smell can instantly change your mood.

Housecleaners are there to serve, and if you ask, they’ll be happy to give you a naturally clean home. They can create a relaxing forest scent in your great room by sprinkling a few drops of pine, cypress or oakmoss oil on the carpeting before vacuuming. They’re eager to learn new secrets.

Common Scents for Nosy People 

With aromatherapeutic products spread throughout your home, you and your nosy loved ones can experience fragrant pleasures more often. Each time you pass along a good whiff, you could be creating a memory that lingers.

Some people have completely lost touch with their good sense. We’d all be happier if we became a bit more childlike and reawakened our curiosity from within. Gastroenterologists and psychologists agree that it’s good to release our logs from within. Who nose what we might come upon?

Essential oils have countless applications. If you’d like to prepare custom blends for the special peeps in your life, look for recipes on AromaWeb. There are lots of other great products I’d like to tell you about, but I really should to get back to FaceBook to check up on my friends.




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