Sick of diets? Film Diet Plan will help you escape the fat trap

man-and-woman-watching-tvHave you been struggling to lose weight for years? This is one of those moments in life when you came to the right place at the right time.

This diet plan allows you to unlock good and bad secrets that are likely to make you both angry and ecstatic. You don’t have to count calories, but you do have to follow the simple plan. Over the next few weeks and months, you will begin to feel like a blind person miraculously regaining sight.

Most diet plans focus on changing your eating or exercise habits. But your weight challenge isn’t only about what you eat or how often you go to the gym, it has a lot to do with what you’ve been taught through your family and culture. And it has a lot to do with how much you think or don’t think about what you eat.

Dr. Lorraine’s Film Diet Plan will bring on a paradigm shift in the way you think about food. You’ll finally understand why you’ve been unable to escape from a seemingly hopeless trap.

Big corporations that stock grocery stores and supply fast food chains are exploiting you and everyone else who eats their bait. They’ve ambushed every industry in the process: farmers, slaughterhouses, packers, migrant farmworkers, supermarkets, and fast food chains. And they’re doing an equal amount of damage to the people who consume their addictive, harmful, imitation food-like substances that come in plastics, Styrofoam, cans and other packages that pollute our environment.

If fat seems to be hanging a little lower each month, then your low fat diet is working just the way they want it to. DW

To them it’s a money game. You pay a rather small financial price to participate in the beginning, but in the long run you put your health and life at stake.

These corporations have successfully programmed you through advertisements, the media, internet, doctors, politicians and special interest groups. They sell addictive food-like chemical concoctions that tease your taste buds while wreaking havoc on your health. Each time you open up your wallet and pay for their junk, you’re one bite closer to sickness. Perhaps it’s already eating away at you.

Whole Foods Market logo

You can begin your escape from the fat trap by avoiding these types of grocery stores that are only concerned about their profit and have no interest whatsoever in your health.

Shop at grocery stores that specialize in more healthful organic foods such as The Fresh MarketSprouts Farmers Market, Whole Foods Market, and local farmer’s markets. They filter out tons of junk, literally, that you don’t want to put in your body. When you go, take your time and ask lots of questions. These are the types of places where you can find people who tend to eat healthier whole foods. They can help to steer you in the right direction and give you some great recipe ideas.

What can you make with beans and onions? Tear Gas. Jokes4Us

Here’s how Dr. Lorraine’s Film Diet Plan works.

Watch one or two of the following films each week for the next several months until you’ve seen all of them at least once. It’s that simple. The films are listed alphabetically, but you can watch them in any order. Choose the film you feel most drawn to next. That’s what will work best for you. It’s like choosing what you want to eat from a menu, except you’re choosing what you want to watch.

menuWhen you watch them, you must give your full attention to each one. Take notes if you want. Every time you’re buying or eating food, think about the films and make your choices accordingly. Your subconscious is astoundingly powerful. Once you gain awareness, you will have the confidence, will-power and strength you need to succeed.

In the upcoming months, do not allow skeptics to derail or discourage you. Decrease your time with nay-sayers and increase your time with encouragers. As you progress on the Film Diet, you’ll find it easier and easier to go out of your weigh to change eating habits in ways you never imagined.

If you regularly eat with your spouse, kids or others who live with you, it’s helpful if you do the Film Diet as a team. But regardless of whether or not others join you, you can do this on your own. Just as you feed your body each day, you can and must feed your mind each week.

Begin the Film Diet Plan today. Later you will look back and know that it was one of the best decisions you ever made in your life. Dim the lights. The show is about to begin. And you’re the star.

Following is the list of films along with trailers and links to where you can find them. Your mind meal is about to begin. You’re about to tap into a new energy source that’s just as important as food. It’s time for you to choose something from the menu:

A Delicate Balance (2008)

Learn more about the film and watch it for free at

All Jacked Up (2008)

Click here to get the All Jacked Up DVD. Learn more about the film at

A River of Waste: The Hazardous Truth About Factory Farms (2009)

Click here to get River of Waste. Learn more about the film at

Bad Seed: The Truth About Our Food (2006)

Click here to get Bad Seed. Learn more about the film at

Dirt! The Movie (2009)

Click here to get Dirt! The Movie. Learn more about the film at

Earthlings (2005)

Click here to get Earthlings. Learn more about the film at

Farmageddon (2011)

Click here to get Farmageddon. Learn more about the film at

Fast Food Nation (2006)

Click here to get Fast Food Nation.

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead (2010)

Click here to get Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. Learn more about the film at

Fed Up! (2002)

Click here to get Fed Up!

Food, Inc (2008)

Click here to watch Food, Inc. on Documentary Addict.

Food Fight (2008)

Click here to watch Food Fight for free on Films for Action.  Learn more about the film at

Food Matters (2008)

Click here to get Food Matters.  Learn more about the film at

Forks Over Knives (2011)

Click here to get Forks Over Knives. Learn more about the film at

Fowl Play (2008)

Click here to get Fowl Play. Learn more about the film at

Frankensteer (2005)

Click here to watch Frankensteer for free at Films For Action. Learn more about the film at

Fresh (2009)

Click here to get Fresh. Learn more about the film at

Genetic Roulette: The Gamble of Our Lives (2012)

Click here to watch Genetic Roulette for free on YouTube. Learn more about the film at

Hungry for Change (2012)

Click here to get Hungry for Change. Learn more about the film at

Ingredients (2009)

Click here to get Ingredients. Learn more about the film at

Killer at Large (2008)

Click here to get Killer at Large. Learn more about the film at

King Corn (2007)

Click here to get King Corn. Learn more about the film at

Mad Cowboy (2006)

Click here to watch Mad Cowboy for free on YouTube. Learn more about the film at

McLibel (2005)

Click here to get McLibel.

Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home (2012)

Click here to get Peaceable Kingdom. Learn more about the film at

Planeat (2010)

Click here to watch Planeat. Learn more about the film at

Processed People (2009)

Click here to get Processed People. Learn more about the film at

Seeds of Death: Unveiling the Lies of GMOs (2012)

Click here to watch Seeds of Death free on YouTube.

$tatin Nation: The Great Cholesterol Coverup (2012)

Click here to get $tatin Nation. Learn more about the film at

Supersize Me (2004)

Click here to watch Supersize Me for free on YouTube.

Sustainable Table: What’s on Your Plate? (2006)

Click here to get Sustainable Table. Learn more about the film at

Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World (2004)

Click here to watch Sweet Misery for free on YouTube.

The Future of Food (2004)

Click here to get The Future of Food. Learn more about the film

The Harvest (2011)  

Click here to get The Harvest. Learn more about the film at

The Perfect Human Diet (2012)

Click here to watch The Perfect Human Diet on YouTube. Learn more about the film at

Vegucated (2010)

Click here to get Vegucated. Learn more about the film at

The Film Diet Plan is a good partner to other healthy diet plans. If you have friends or family members who are struggling with their health or weight, pass this on. You’ll reach your goals quicker if you discuss the films with them. The more you talk, the better. It keeps your mind and mouth occupied with talking rather than eating. DW

Did you know the US has more attorneys per capita than any other country in the world? For those of you who live in the United States of American Lawyers, I need to include a disclaimer. So here’s your warning. Please consult with your doctor before starting any diet plan. In this case, please consult with your optician before watching any of these films.

If you have any questions about the Film Diet Plan, feel free to contact me privately or leave a comment below. Check back regularly for updates on the films or the diet plan. And please keep me posted on how you’re doing. Don’t rush through the films or your meals. A slower pace will help you reach your goals quicker.

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Don’t count on pink to save your hOOters from cancer

Would you like some milk? Or how about a soft drink, a mixed drink or some dessert? It’s ironic that the Hooters menu features some of the very foods that may be detrimental to bosoms. Many of these foods, along with hamburger buns. sauces and other items on the menu are laced with high fructose corn syrup made from GMO corn.

Not long ago I heard that Hooters was considering starting a home delivery service called Knockers. JB. Surveys consistently show that most men like knockers. And many of them are willing to do just about anything to fit them into their daily routine. Hooters put the idea on hold for now, however, because some of the young women were having trouble getting through the training.

HootersKnock knock.
Who’s there?
Madam who?
Madam foot is caught in the door.

Knock knock.
Who’s there?
Doris who?
Doris locked, so I had to knock. AT

Men gather together to keep their eyes on Hooters. The NFL Shop sells more than 1000 pink products in a category they call “breast cancer awareness gear,” to make sure that all Americans know how bad the problem is. Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in American women, who have about a 1 in 8 chance of being diagnosed at some point in their lifetimes.

But I can’t help but wonder why adults need to pay for gear to prove they’ve been informed of this? Kids get gold stars on their foreheads in kindergarten and that’s cute. But men wearing pink ribbons is like women putting blue balls stickers on their faces. The most common forms of cancer in men occurs in their prostates or on the skin of their heads or faces.

Don’t buy this pink stuff! It won’t do anything to save your boobs or your wife’s, whatever the case may be. Monsanto, cancer centers, pharmaceutical companies and even the NFL are all profiting from this pinkwashing.

cancer posterFootball was an obvious choice for pinkwashers who knew it would be a bad idea to promote pink at the olympics. Why advertise that we have one of highest rates of breast cancer in the world? BBC News Magazine. The pinkwashers don’t want this kind of news to make headlines. If foreigners leak information to Americans about what they can do to help prevent it, it would be bad business for insurance companies, cancer centers and big pharma.

It’s hard enough on women who are told by their doctors and insurance companies that they need annual mammograms. For the men out there who’ve never experienced a mammogram, imagine this. Another man places your wiener between the refrigerator and its door. Then he pushes on the door as hard as he can until you’re sure your wiener has become a sausage patty. Or picture another man maneuvering your joystick on an ice block and then putting another heavy ice block on top, crushing it down on you until you doubt whether you’ll ever experience joy again. CC

What Pink Ribbons founder, Jane Weiner, did to help save her sister is certainly admirable. It’s always nice to hear a success story about someone saving the life of a loved one. But this pink thing has gotten completely out of control. Now you can buy pink just-about-anything or participate in a pink walk, run or bike ride to raise more funds for cancer centers and pharmaceutical drugs that “cure” women through inhumane tortuous treatments.

During football season, millions of Americans tailgate and then sit back to drink and eat junk food while they cheer on the few dozen guys in the stadium who are actually getting some exercise. The next time you see a team sporting pink gloves, socks or shoelaces, here’s what you need to realize. The corn chips, popcorn, candy, soft drinks, and mixed drinks full of high fructose corn syrup sold at these “sports” stadiums are increasing your risk of cancer. And you’re forking out the dollars to put these addictive and GMO poisons into your body! Non GMO Project

Watch this clip to see the effects of eating Monsanto GMO corn . . .

Take a look at the Pink Ribbons website. You won’t find any information about prevention. It’s all about supporting cancer centers and the drugs and treatments they sell.  They’re helping to fund the “cure” side of the issue which is exactly why pink has become so popular. The “cure” industry is big business and it’s fully entrenched in every aspect of American culture.

cure cancer billboard

City of HOPE – City of Hospitals, Oncologists, Pharmacies & Expenses

Angelina Jolie was busted. But thanks to American medicine and places like City of HOPE, she isn’t anymore. Read the signs. Americans build cities around Hospitals, Oncologists, Pharmacies, and Expenses.

Women who face breast cancer certainly need help and much more support than their bras can offer. They need more solutions. And we also need more organizations focusing on prevention for other women who want to keep their breasts along with the rest of their body parts.

If you’re looking for less traumatic cures, contact the Burzynski Clinic, Gerson Institute, Hoxsey Clinic, Cure Naturoli Cancro, or other similar centers in the US or abroad. If you’re aware of others, please let me know and I’ll add them to this list. Chances are, you’ll have to come up with the money on your own. Even if you have insurance, they’re not likely to cover “alternative treatments” since most insurance companies are in bed with the rest of the pinkwashers. Your doctor, cancer center and insurance company wants you to fear anything outside their fortress walls.

Why We Need to Do Doctor Reviews on Our Last Doctors’ Visits

What can women do to reduce their risk of breast cancer? Check out Dr. Mercola’s articles Why Medicine Won’t Allow Cancer to be Cured and Breast Cancer Breakthrough for some great tips. Learn why Evita Ramparte rejected surgery, chemo and radiation, and instead choose to cleanse her body and mind to cure her cancer. And watch these movies:

A flat-chested young lady went to a doctor for advice on enlarging her breasts.

“Every morning during your shower, massage your breasts and say ‘scooby dooby doobies, I want bigger boobies.'” the doctor told her.

She did this faithfully for several weeks and it seemed to be working. But one morning she was running late and forgot her morning ritual. She didn’t want to lose momentum so she began her ritual on the bus. “Scooby dooby doobies, I want bigger boobies.”

A guy sitting nearby said, “Do you go to Dr. Hugh G. Rection by chance?” MBS

“Yes, how did you know?” she asked.

“Hickory dickory dock, I want a bigger . . . ”  TTF


YouCaring: A Toadly Awesome Fundraising Tool

Harry the Hungry Frog

You know why are frogs so happy? Because they eat whatever bugs them.  AllAboutFrogs

Does it bug you that you don’t know what to do when a friend is facing a serious life challenge?

One thing that makes social media sites so engaging is that you never know what you’re going to see next: a joke, a dog or a frog. Anything’s possible.

While one friend is posting a profile of his wife’s very pregnant belly, someone else is checking his kid into an emergency room. How did the frog get hurt? He jumped to the wrong conclusion. It’s a real-time reality sitcom, soap opera and tragedy all at the same time.

One day, more than a decade ago, my husband and I were doing what we often did . . . driving around in our SUV loaded with kids looking for an affordable place to feed the family. As we were passing through fast food strip-mall lined suburbia, my youngest stepdaughter pointed out the window and said she wanted to eat at Chewys.

Chevys Fresh Mex

Everyone started cracking up. She had no idea why, so she continued on about how much she liked Chewy chicken, which made every laugh even louder.

“What,” she kept asking. “What’s so funny?”

We didn’t have Facebook back then, but if we did, our friends would have heard about this one.

“Daddy,” a teen girl asked her father, “how much does it cost to get married?”

“I don’t know,” he responded. “I’m still paying for it.” Jokes4All

If you have kids, you know how costly they can be, upwards of $200,000 each by the time they graduate from high school. Housing accounts for about a third of that expense, while child care and food combined accounts for another third. USA Today

One day a little girl brought home a story that she wrote. It was about a hungry frog. A proud father was inspired. Author Larry Levy elaborated on his daughter’s story and developed it into a book about Harry the Hungry Frog.

That’s how I first met Larry. He said “yes” when I invited him to talk to a group of writers. He shared a fun story about a frog who ventured out to find delicious food. That was several years ago.

Recently, Larry shared a different story . . .

Even when kids are relatively healthy, medical bills can put families in a pinch. So you can imagine how hard it is for a parent who suddenly has a mailbox full of doctor bills and hospital expenses he can’t afford.

Larry is a father who knows what this is like. And to make matters worse, doctors still haven’t found a cure. How would you feel if your child couldn’t even eat without being in pain?

To this day I still smile every time I drive by Chewys. I wonder what Larry will be thinking about his daughter Mya when he looks back ten years from now?

Next time a friend or family member is facing a serious illness, you don’t have to feel toadly helpless. Think about what you can do to offer just a little hope or hoppiness.

Here are numerous ways you may be able to help Mya or others like her who are ill:

  • Contact Larry if you know a medical professional who may be able to help with her unusual illness.
  • Ask if there’s anything specific you can do to help. Buy a Hungry Frog book to help support her family, for example.
  • Share her story with your friends and family who may be able to help.
  • Offer a donation through YouCaring to help with fundraising for her medical expenses.
  • Give her a reason to smile, or even better, a reason to laugh. Jokes for Your Friends Who Are Sick and Tired
  • Bring a smiling stuffed animal for her to snuggle with and to remind her to search for ways to smile every day. Frogs can turn into princes and wishes can come true.
  • Learn about her illness so you can better understand what she’s going through. “A new study showed that licking a frog can cure depression, for example. The downside, however, is that as soon as you stop licking, the frog gets depressed again.” Jay Leno quote on MichaelsWorld
  • Visit her in the hospital. Remember to fill the parking meter so your car doesn’t get toad.

You Caring

Your Best Excuse for Not Going to the Gym

It’s always good to have a few excuses up your sleeve in case you run into someone who nags you about joining a gym. Prepare now for the next time one of your “you-should-join-a-gym” friends or family members nags you. If you put a little thought into it now, you can easily ward them off later. For the sake of simplicity, let’s call this friend Jim. It’s best to develop a few excuses that are custom made for you, but here are a few ideas to get you started.

The world's strongest man, Patrick Baboumian, is vegan.

The world’s strongest man, Patrick Baboumian, is vegan.

“I’m taking vegan cooking classes.”

This is a timely excuse you can use now since Jim probably heard about Patrick Baboumian. At Toronto’s Vegetarian Food Festival this year, he carried 550 kg (1,212 lbs) more than 10 meters (32.8 feet), setting a new world record. This makes him the strongest man in the world. This 34-year-old Armenian-German relies on plant power to build his lean body mass and strength. The Star

When he was a boy, Patrick’s hero was the Hulk. Today, he’s achieved his goal of being as big as the Hulk, but despite eating lots of greens every day, he still hasn’t turned green.

He broke the world record by lifting some heavy metal on an outdoor stage. He didn’t use any fancy gym equipment. Real men go to competitions to lift things like logs and cars.

If Jim gives you a hard time about the vegan thing, tell him that after you eat your vegan dinner, you go around the house lifting furniture. Make up specific examples like, “I can already lift my LazyBoy. I’m working on lifting the couch, and eventually I may even be able to lift some of my family’s potatoes.”

“I’m concerned about FARTS.”

Flatulant Air Release Timing Syndrome (FARTS) is particularly troublesome in smaller gyms, and gyms with poor circulation. Scientists are still studying the causes and effects of FARTS. They believe it’s mainly due to diet, but it could also be hereditary.

Though it’s not considered to be contagious, other people will notice if you have FARTS and they may try to avoid you. FARTS is particularly common among people who run on treadmills or ride stationery bikes.

Psychologists are also studying other possible negative effects of treadmills and stationery bikes. When people ride bikes or run on treadmills that go nowhere, some psychologists believe that it may reinforce the idea that no matter how hard you work, you just don’t seem to get anywhere. Working hard to get nowhere? That stinks!

“My local gym won’t let me bring my dog.”

This is a perfect excuse if you have a dog because you can back it up with research. Studies show that pet ownership is linked with better heart health.

Dog owners can also use the FARTS excuse. Despite the fact that most dogs are smart enough to avoid treadmills and stationery bikes, some dog owners have reported that their dogs have contracted FARTS.

You can tell Jim that you’re waiting for a dog-friendly gym like FitBernalFit or K9FitClub. As soon as one opens nearby, you’ll be the first to join. If you have more than one dog, you can elaborate on the fact that your dogs really miss you when you’re at work, so you like to spend as much time as possible with them on evenings and weekends. It also gives you the opportunity to change the subject.

“You know how most people give their dogs boring names like Rover or Spot? I call mine Sex. I was so embarrassed recently when I went to the city hall to renew the dog’s license for Sex. I told the clerk, ‘I’d like a license for Sex.’ He said, ‘I’d like one too!’ Then I said, ‘She’s a dog!’ He said he didn’t care what she looked like. I said, ‘you don’t understand. I had Sex since I was 9 years old.'” Garrick’s Jokes

And you can go on talking about Sex until your friend forgets about the gym question. If Jim isn’t interested in Sex, then he’s probably not a very good friend anyway.

“I’m learning partner yoga.”

This is a good excuse for people who are married. Tell Jim that you and your spouse/partner are doing partner yoga together several hours every evening while you watch TV. If Jim persists by bragging about how much he benches or how many reps he does, tell him how much strength and flexibility you’ve gained now that you’re doing the dog, the cat, and even the happy baby.

“I’m totally claustrophobic.”

If you have an older brother or sister, you can use this excuse. Make up a story about how your older brother/sister locked you in the closet when you were five years old and ever since you’ve been chronically claustrophobic. Tell Jim that you need open space and fresh air.

If he persists, you can embellish a bit more on the indoor thing. Tell him you’re allergic to the toxic disinfectant sprays they use in gyms. He can’t argue with you on personal stuff like this.

This excuse works particularly well if you’ve ever lived near Venice, CA. Tell Jim that you just can’t seem to find a gym that compares to your former gym, Muscle Beach. You can’t stand those oppressive gyms without a view or fresh air.

Free Fresh Air: Hurry! Offer Ends Soon

“I bike to work.”

Jim probably drives to work. Tell him you’re taking up donations for the League of American Bicyclists to help make roads safer because of all the people driving to gyms. Tell him that you’re only asking for a small donation, about the cost of one tank of gas. If Jim drives a car, ask for $50. If he drives an SUV, ask for $80. If that doesn’t work, give him 13 reasons why he should bike to work.

“I get paid to workout.”

This is a perfect excuse for anyone who does manual labor. Whether you’re stocking shelves, framing houses, or climbing telephone poles, you’re getting paid to workout. Why do you think personal trainers are the only people excited about going to the gym? They’re paid to hang out there.

“I’m a stair master.”

This is a great excuse if you work or live in a tall building. The more floors, the better. You know how magazines are always putting out tips like, “take the steps instead of the elevator.” Tell Jim that you begin your workday by climbing 27 flights. That ought to impress him.

Why don’t more people take the steps? Most stairwells in the US are unattractive passageways installed just to meet ineffective safety codes. Remember the 200  9/11 jumpers?

It’s all backwards! We need to erect more buildings with the emergency stairwells outside the building where they belong. For the sake of good health, indoor stairways should be as elegant as today’s elevators, lined with mirrors, fine wood and polished brass rails. And only one elevator for the disabled. Some people think guns are killing a lot of people in the US, but this number is low compared to the statistics on elevators.

You can use the stair-master excuse for most people you know, but be careful about using it with colleagues who work in the same building. If Jim catches you in an elevator, you can say, “I’m running late for a meeting.” Of course he’ll understand.

White-collar people use this excuse all the time, even though most of them never run at all. People with desk jobs drive home and turn on their TV so they can watch cops and robbers chase after each other.

11 Equipment Essentials for Easy Everyday Exercises 

As you can see, there are many good reasons for not joining a gym. But just in case you’re still looking for a few more ideas, check out this two-minute clip by Jeff Allen . . .

If you’re forgetful, put the Hulk in your kitchen to remind you to eat your vegetables every day. The whole family can have fun with the Hulk. If you have kids, keep the Hulk next to the fruit bowl. If your in-laws are visiting for the weekend, put the Hulk in the refrigerator. Next time Uncle Jim comes over for dinner expecting steak, point to the Hulk.

Subscribe to VegNews to learn more about the benefits of going vegan.

One last word of caution. If you have a dog, be careful where you keep the Hulk. The Hulk has no protection from Sex.

What’s your excuse?

Vegan Society

Jokes for your friends who are sick and tired

“Nurse,” an anxious mother whimpers, “can you please tell me how my son is? He’s the one who swallowed the quarters.”

“No change yet,” the nurse replies.

Do you tighten up with fear each time you visit a friend or family member in the hospital? You’re not alone. In the US, the fear of doctors and dentists is right up there with the terrors of death, darkness, snakes, heights, and public speaking. Why are Americans so afraid of health care? Well, for good reason:

Medical errors may be the third leading cause of death in the U.S.

“Did you hear about the guy who lost his left arm and leg in a car accident?”

“Don’t worry, he’s alright now.” GreatCleanJokes

Fear of Western Medicine comes out of the closet on Halloween

Despite the fact that laughter is good for your health, medical schools neglect to provide courses on humor, and other important things like compassion and nutrition.

Dr. Patch Adams is a firm believer in the healing power of laughter. He put his medical degree and career on the line as he relentlessly laughed his way through medical school. Because traditional Western Medicine had little tolerance for his funny ways, he founded Gesundheit Institute, “a project in holistic medical care based on the belief that one cannot separate the health of the individual from the health of the family, the community, the world, and the health care system itself.”

At Gasundheit, health care is free, and full of fun and play.

Instead of letting your worst nightmares stifle you, use your dread of doctors, dentists, hospitals or shots to motivate you to prevent illness. Work on making better choices in your lifestyle and daily habits. Your fears are there to protect you. Use them wisely.

“Doctor, my hair keeps falling out. Can you give me something to keep it in?”

“Any glass jar will do,” the doctor replies. AhaJokes

Per capita, Americans spend far more on health care than any other country, more than any other nation in the world.

Despite all this spending, American longevity ranks low on the list of developed countries. Life expectancy is an overall measure of the quality of life in a country. See the CIA World FactBook for the complete list of countries.

The Western medical community implants the belief that “prevention” requires visiting your doctor, taking a prescription, or checking in for surgery. Remember Angelina Jolie? This is no laughing matter!

What Angelina Jolie’s doctors didn’t tell her about the BRCA Gene before her double mastectomy.

Patch Adams cartoon - empathetic doctor

“Doc,” says Steve, “I want to be castrated.”

“What on earth for?”

“I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. My wife insists that I should have had it done a long time ago. If you won’t do it, I’ll go to another doctor.”

“OK, but I advise you not to.”

Steve has the operation. The next day he walks down the hospital corridor very slowly, legs apart. Heading toward him is another patient walking the same way.

“Hi there,” says Steve, “looks like you just had the same operation as me.”

“Yeah,” says the patient, “I finally got circumcised too.”

“Steve’s eyes widen in horror, “Oh no! How do you pronounce that word?”

The next time you visit a friend or family member in the hospital, make a special effort to make him or her laugh. You won’t be able to help everyone in the hospital, but you can make a difference for one person.

When I woke up after a surgery I had a few years ago, I remember feeling elated. Not only was I happy to still be alive, but also the pain medication was good stuff. My good friend, Cecile, sat on the bed, held my hands and made me laugh. It felt so good to giggle with her, despite the fact that it caused blood to gush from my fresh suture. She had me in bloody stitches!


The next time you head to the hospital, a retirement home, or someplace to see a sick friend, consider hiring a local comedian to perform. A little humor is sure to change the spirit of the atmosphere.

Find a comedian through GigMasters or FunnyBusiness, or contact a local comedy club for a referral.

ComedyCures Logo EPS with website

A blond is having sharp pains in her side. The doctor examines her and says, “You have acute appendicitis.”

Wimpering, the blond says, “that’s nice of you doc, but I’m here for medical advice.”

Why We Need to Do Doctor Reviews on Our Last Doctors’ Visits

Instead of bringing cut flowers that wilt and die within a few days, share the gift of laughter:

  • Bring some whoopee cushions for your friend and the hospital staff.
  • Tell uplifting jokes.
  • Bring along a funny movie to watch together or leave behind as a gift.
  • Hire a local comedian to accompany you on your visit to the hospital.

Good advice from Robin Williams: Carpe Diem

Four Great Ways to Solve Your Garage Storage Issue



Do you really need more shelves and hooks for stuff you rarely use? Before you pull out your wallet to buy garage storage systems, think for a minute. Consider the following suggestions:

1. Downsize before you organize

Most of the time, garage storage isn’t the only issue. Running out of space is often a clutter issue. Don’t throw more money at the problem by buying  shelving units that only add to the problem. Chances are, you can get rid of more than half the stuff in your garage. The more often you clean out your garage, the more likely you’ll be able to Organize Your Garage In No Time.

When you have a free day, get the family together and remove everything from the garage. Yes, everything! Not only does this give you a chance to clean the garage, it also forces you to go through things and determine what you need to keep. If you have children, they’ll moan an groan on garage-cleaning day, but if they keep stuff in the garage, they need to be involved. They don’t like going through piles of clutter any more than you do. Be sure to give them an incentive for their participation.

If you haven’t used something for the past month, you probably don’t need to keep it. If you haven’t used something for the past year, it’s definitely time to sell it or give it away. At the end of the day, call your local Goodwill or Salvation Army to schedule a pickup.

Your Commute is Now Your Gym sign (1)

Human Transit: How Clearer Thinking About Public Transit Can Enrich Our Communities and Our Lives

2. Downsize a vehicle

If you have an SUV, trade it in for something smaller. If you have a car, trade it in for a Smart car, a motorcycle or scooter. When you decrease the size of your vehicle, you make more room for other things in your garage.


3. Sell a vehicle

Selling a vehicle has several big advantages. You can save money, get more exercise, and have more time to build relationships and get work done.

You’ll save a lot of money in the long run. On average, Americans spend more than $9,100/year for each vehicle they own. And those are after tax dollars! FairTax estimates that most Americans are paying 23% or more toward taxes. That means you need to use about $11,000 of your earnings each year just to pay for one car. Don’t get too hung up on the accuracy of this estimate. Instead, take time to calculate the specific cost of your own vehicle(s). See for yourself how much you’ll save.

When you spend more time walking and biking, your health will improve and you’ll find it easier to sleep at night. It’s no coincidence that the USA has one of the highest ratios of vehicles per capita and is also the most obese country in the world. If you need a car every now and then, you can rent a car for a few days or use a car-sharing service, such as ZipCar, for a few hours.

Commute with a colleague or look for carpool buddies through eRideShare or CarpoolWorld, or take public transportation, ride a bike or walk. You can also combine various forms of transportation. In many cities, you can take your bike on the bus or train. Whether you’re carpooling or waiting at a bus stop, you have more time to socialize and build relationships. When you commute via public transportation, you can work, listen to music, or nap while your driver is paying attention to the road.

4. Convert your garage to living space

A 2-car garage is typically 400-600 square foot. After traveling and living throughout Europe, South America, the Caribbean and Asia, I can tell you that millions of American cars have better housing than millions of humans on the planet. And housing is a problem for many people in the US as well.

According to the National Center on Family Homelessness, millions of families and children in the US go homeless each year. And according to the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans, on any given night more than 60,000 veterans are sleeping in the streets. When you convert your garage space to living space, not only do you increase the square footage and potential value of your home, you could also create a small, affordable living space to rent out to people who can’t afford more. Doesn’t it make more sense to invest in people or your home instead of shelving?

A $15 water tester is worth more than a $150 water filter

Do you feel like you should be drinking more water, but just can’t seem to? If so, there might be something in the water that’s turning you off.

Good water is that clear liquid that looks transparent and doesn’t make you sick immediately, right?


href="">Blue Gold: World Water Wars

In every corner of the globe, we’re polluting, diverting, pumping, and wasting our limited supply of fresh water as population and technology grows. Click here to buy Blue Gold.

It might be water, but that doesn’t mean it’s good. Don’t judge it by the way it looks. It may contain clear odorless poisons such as chlorine, fluoride, arsenic, mercury, prescription drugs, and many other toxins that can eventually cause a slew of side effects and lead to disease. Because small traces of such poisons can accumulate over time, it’s difficult to pinpoint the cause.

It’s no wonder some people say they don’t like water. When you don’t like the taste, trust your gut feeling and don’t drink it. Or better yet, use your water tester to check the purity. The purer the water, the better it tastes. And you’re less likely to ingest invisible particles that may harm you.

A good water filter is the most essential appliance in your kitchen, but a water tester is the most important gadget in your purse or laptop bag. For just a few dollars, you can make a big investment in your health. If you have to choose between the two, start with a tester.

I first learned about testing water when I lived in Shenzhen, China. One of my expat friends urged me to test the water before drinking it. Since it was such a small investment, I decided to get one.

I quickly got into the habit of checking water everywhere I went. I was surprised at how much it varied from place to place. According to the manufacturer, 50 and lower is safest to drink. In Shenzhen, I typically got readings from 20-180. At this time, I was shocked when I saw readings in the high 100’s.

But then my husband and I traveled to Indonesia, known for some of the dirtiest water in the world. The bottled water at the Ritz-Carlton in Jakarta tested at 284! I thought that was shocking until we took a trip back to the US. When we arrived at Dallas airport, I tested the table-top water dispenser at the American Airlines Admirals Club. It was just as high as the water in Jakarta!

Dear Diary, this is the day I decided to drink distilled water

For the past several years, I’ve been carrying a water tester with me in my purse wherever I go. I use my HM Digital TDS tester to check the water before deciding whether or not to drink it. It only takes a few seconds. I turn it on, dip it in the water, and get an instant reading. I never know what to expect.

A water tester is more important than a water filter

A water tester is more important than a water filter

I was pleasantly surprised when I tested the water recently at New Lun Ting Cafe in San Francisco. It had a reading of 43. Compared to local tap water, that’s not bad. The closer to zero, the purer the water. I asked the waitress about it and she told me what I expected.

“We have a water filter,” she told me.

But you’d be surprised how many restaurants don’t. I often get readings over 100, 200 and sometimes even over 300! Some of the highest readings I’ve seen were along the Pacific coastline in California in and around Santa Maria, Ventura and Solvang where the water in restaurants tested in at a 350-450. I can’t help but wonder what the water was like before they started fracking in this area?

Feel free to check out some of my Yelp reviews for specific readings at various locations. I don’t want mystery particles swimming around in my body!

Think about how often you drink liquids outside your home. If you travel or eat out frequently, you can use a tester to check the water you use for drinking, cooking, and even bathing. It can help you decide whether or not you want to want to make a cup of tea, order soup at a restaurant, or fill up a bathtub and soak in the water.

You’ve probably heard before that your skin is your largest organ. It absorbs the water you bathe in. Since you can’t see all the sh*t that’s in your water, so wouldn’t it be nice to have a gauge to help you give you a rough idea how much sh*t it might contain?

Your body is made up of more than 50% water. It carries oxygen and essential nutrients throughout your body. You need water daily to flush pesticides and other impurities out of your body, not put more in.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could actually see all the sh*t that’s in your water?


Don’t assume that bottled water is better or worse than other water. Once you start testing various water sources, you’ll be shocked at how much readings vary from one bottle to another, one restaurant to another, and even one building to another.

What do you call people who spend $2 for a bottle of Evian water? Just spell Evian backwards: N A I V E.

Clean water is one of the most essential elements to sustaining life, second only to oxygen. You can live without oxygen for 2-5 minutes, and without water for only 2-5 days.

If you don’t already have a portable water tester, I urge you to buy one today so that you can start making an informed decision about the water you choose to drink.

Water is the only drink you really need. Before you leave home, check to make sure you have your keys . . . and your water tester.





Design a Peaceful Bedroom

Good sleep is one of the most important factors in maintaining good health. Make your bedroom a peaceful sanctuary. By applying a few Feng Shui principals, you can optimize your sleeping space. Use a mix of soft blue tones, for example, to promote tranquility. Avoid bright red, or other vivid colors or patterns that stimulate energy.

blog create a peaceful bedroom

Keep TVs, computers, and other electronics out of your bedroom, or at least hide them away in closets or cabinets before sleeping. Keep your alarm clock on the far side of your nightstand and make sure it doesn’t emit too much light.

Keep mirrors out of your bedroom. They bounce light and images around the room, and therefore increase energy. If you have a mirror in your bedroom, cover it with thick fabric before getting in bed. Glass also reflects light. Glass-top nightstands, artwork framed in glass, and glass containers all reflect light and should, therefore be avoided.

Consider your partner. Objects and colors should appeal to both of you. If you share your bed, place a nightstand on each side to create balance. Choose art and objects carefully. If having a partner is important to you, avoid depictions with only one figure, which suggests solitude. And avoid things with three or more figures which  can insinuate infidelity. Be especially attentive to what you can see from your bed. What you notice first thing in the morning can help to set the mood for your first and last thoughts of the day.

Ideally, everything about the area should be peaceful. Don’t store exercise equipment near your bed, for example, or allow clutter to accumulate. If you live in an open-style loft or you can’t move things, cover them, or hide them behind a screen before you go to sleep.

Not Sure What to do With Your Issues?

As some of you know, I have a lot of issues. And over the past few years they’ve increased. A lot of my Writer friends have similar issues and sometimes we share them with each other. But don’t worry, we found that it’s fairly easy to get rid of them. Many people who go to the library leave their issues in the Lobby and other people take them. My issues include People, Parents, Parenting, Florida, and More. And my husband sometimes reminds me that I have Good Housekeeping issues too. But he also realizes it’s really not that important for us to have Better Homes and Gardens. Most women prefer instead to be Vogue, InStyle, and even Bazaar every now and then. Because ladies, and especially Brides, want to Allure their man with Glamour.

Many of my issues relate to Country Living, Southern Living, Coastal LivingWhole Living, and just Living in general. It costs a Fortune these days! And leaves us with little Time for Entertainment, or time to get Outside to see a Sunset. Some of my friends have Money issues, or Spirituality & Health issues. Prevention is important in these matters.

Some of my Neighbors have Cottages & Bungalows issues, and because they keep their lives Real Simple, they don’t have a lot of other issues.  I must admit that I also have issues with Oprah and Martha Stewart, but that’s expected from time to time in any Woman’s Day.

Some of my friend’s husbands have Entrepreneur issues. They’re well Wired, my friends assure me, and that’s Lucky, but they have other issues related to Health, Boating or Golf, for example. When I was Seventeen, I never imagined that I would have so many issues at this point in my life. My husband loves me despite my issues, but because of our upcoming move to China, he’s encouraging me to lighten up and manage them digitally. I’ve been trying to explain to him that I’m really comfortable with my issues and it’s hard to let them go. But I know he’s right. We’ll have a lot of extra luggage fees if I try to take all my issues to China.

It will be easier if I just get rid of most of them. So over the next few days, I’ll be dropping off my issues around town, probably at Public Libraries, Automobile repair shops, retirement homes, doctor’s offices, and other places where people like to pick up issues. I don’t believe in throwing perfectly good issues in the garbage. That would be wasteful.

If you would like some of my issues, please let me know right away, or look for them around town. You may not know for sure if they’re my issues because I’ll be using a marker to blot out my name. I don’t want others to know how many issues I have.

If you have some issues you’ve been holding onto for a while, you might want to consider getting rid of some of yours too. If you keep them too long, they become outdated and don’t do you much good anyway.

Journal Your Dreams

Last night I had a dream about a former colleague, Barbara. We were sharing an office in a big old building. Someone asked for her business card when she wasn’t there, so I tried to give him one. She had a box of cards and each one was different. Some were cut out in the shape of letters, and they had lots of different job titles. Each one had a different beautiful photo of her, some in color and some black and white. I didn’t know which one to give him.

The concept might exist already, but wouldn’t it be cool if you could give everyone a unique business card? It would have more value as a one-of-a-kind card. A few times in the past I got business cards from artists who put a few brush strokes on cards they stamped with their contact info. But that’s a time-consuming and fruitless task considering that most people these days toss business cards after they digitally record the information they need.

Why did Barbara play the leading role in my dream-movie last night?

Perhaps because she made a big impression on me the first time I met her years ago in Puerto Rico. She went out of her way to show me her beautiful historic home town, Old San Juan. She’s a strong and self-confident woman who would make a great mentor to other women. I admire her ability to make life-changing decisions and continue to smile no matter what’s going on in her personal or work life. She exudes positive energy and presence when she enters a space.

Where on earth do these dreams come from?

Well I’m not sure of the answer to that question, but as a writer, I am sure about what to do when you wake up from one of these dreams. Write it down right away so you don’t lose the thought. There’s a good chance that you can capture some aspect of the dream to write about in the future.

What might have triggered this dream?

Possessions. I’m in the process of liquidating most of our stuff for an upcoming move to China. I’ve been cleaning out my office, including business cards. I have a big collection of them because I like saving ones with cool graphics, photos, or other interesting design elements. So I’ve acquired quite a few over the years. And I’ve been cleaning out furniture and cabinets, including my nightstand drawers where I recently saw my dream journal. I’ve also been thinking about designing a new business card, not only because I have a book coming out soon, but also because I’ll be moving to China. The old business card definitely needs to be updated.

Do you have a dream journal?

Say yes. I keep a journal in the nightstand next to my bed. I got out of the habit of writing down my dreams, but was reminded this morning of how powerful these ideas can be for future stories. Your brain already created some strange scene. Now you own the right to publishing it. Write it down or you’ll probably forget it by the time you have your morning coffee. You’ll be sipping  your coffee mentioning to someone, “I had an interesting dream last night about . . . well . . . I can’t seem to remember now.”

Porch Furniture Doubles as Drying Rack

It’s a beautiful day in St. Johns, FL! If you have similar patio furniture, consider giving your dryer a little vacation and dry your clothes outdoors.

This is an example of something even better than repurposing. I’ve double-purposed our outdoor furniture. Not only can our family and friends enjoy an afternoon on the back porch, our clothes can also enjoy hanging out by the water every now and then.

Got another good idea on how to double-purpose your outdoor furniture or save money drying your clothes? Please leave a comment.

Ideas From a Big Green Palace in the Desert

Yesterday I had the pleasure of getting lost in a big green palace (or palazzo in Italian). The Las Vegas Sands Corp. claims that The Palazzo, The Venetian and Sands Expo & Convention Center development is the “largest green building on the planet.” That’s quite a claim, but they do have LEED Silver certification and specific business practices to back up their assertion.

When we checked into the Venetian a few days ago, I noticed a “Sands 360” brochure entitled “Leading the Way to a Greener World,” and I was impressed with all that they’re doing to be greener than the average hotel. If the brochure wasn’t in the room, then I probably wouldn’t have had any idea of how much they’re committed to sustainability. You can’t find it easily on their website, so I guess they think it doesn’t matter to the majority of their customers.

Here are just a few elements of their beautiful green design:

1. Atria skylight that takes advantage of natural desert light:

2. Extensive planting areas and permanent built-in planters create a vegetated roof, which help reduce building temperature and storm water runoff. In addition, they’re irrigated with a subsurface drip irrigation system which reduces water wasted through evaporation, typical of traditional irrigation systems. It also allows the pathways areas to stay dry so guests don’t have to duck when the sprinklers are running.

3. Wall to wall mirrors in the elevators reflect and increase light. Although this is a good idea to reduce the need for lighting fixtures, perhaps they can put the elevators on outside walls in their next development so that they can utilize natural lighting for the majority of the day.

4. They installed five large mirrors in the bathroom and in the hallway just outside the door. The mirrors help to reflect and enhance light in this room that has no windows. This is good, but it could be better. In their future developments they can improve on this by bringing natural light into the bathrooms.

5. They give the customer the option to minimize the washing of bed linens & towels, and I like how the sign requires customers to put the sign in the bed if they want it to be made rather than the opposite. I’ve also stayed in hotels where customers are asked to place the sign on the bed if they don’t want it made and this makes much less sense!

And check out the Green Palazzo link on the back of the sign where you can find more details about their green design and processes.

6. It’s difficult to take a picture of the indoor air, but I can tell that I feel good breathing the air in this hotel. In most hotels, I usually notice unpleasant odors. But not here.

7. And here’s a great way they’re helping the local community–they partnered with Opportunity Village’s linen and terry (i.e., sheets and towels) recycling program. Opportunity Village converts used fabrics to cleaning cloths while providing jobs for local special-needs residents.

Not only is this a good idea for every hotel, it’s also something you can do in your own home! Here’s a colorful sample from my home. My mom always used old towels & linens for rags, so I’ve always done the same:

Thank you Sands for your green efforts. I’m happy to have the opportunity to be your customer!

But here’s the best news about Sands that most companies haven’t figured out yet. For every $1 that Sands has invested in being more sustainable, they’ve gotten a $4 return! Read more about this in their Sands Eco 360 Overview.

If you have more ideas about greening the design or business processes of hotels, please feel free to leave a comment.