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A dog’s resolution: play every day

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“What’s the point of making a resolution if I’m not going to keep it anyway?” I asked my dog. It was the first day of the new year.

He rolled over and gave me his, “uh oh” look. If we’re going to have this conversation, please rub my belly. 

Dog owners face hilarious struggles.

“Well, there are some things I’ve been trying to do for many years. What’s the point of trying if I never keep my resolutions?” I asked.

“That’s your choice,” he said. I could read it in his eyes.

“Huh? Are you saying it’s my fault?” I asked.

“I didn’t say that. You did,” he moaned.

“Why is it that some of the things I’ve wanted for so long just don’t happen?” I asked.

“It means that you really don’t want them . . . yet,” he moaned with great empathy, begging me to play.

“What are you talking about?” I asked.

I knew what he was thinking. When you want it bad enough, you will make it happen.

“Make it happen? But I have too many distractions keeping me away from what I really want.” I told him.

He shifted his head sideways and moaned in his deep alto moan. It’s the same look he gives me when he wants something. Do you? Really? What’s stopping you?


“Well, you know, it’s all the stuff that’s been going on. I have to take care of all the people I love, and you. I’ve been going here and there. And I’ve been trying to do what’s right.”

He tweaked his head further. Right for whom? 

“Well, I don’t know. Everyone.”

He gave me the look. Are these people happy with you? 

“Well, I suppose their happiness doesn’t have much to do with me.”

“You’re getting somewhere. Continue,” he spoke to me through his hopeful eyes.

“I know what you’re getting at. They’re going to be happy or miserable regardless of what I do.”

Anything else? he yawned. He’s heard this story many times.


Researchers find that dogs’ yawns are cued by their owners.

“They’re busy with their own lives. I know I need to do what I know is best for me and that’s the best thing I can do for everyone.”

I cuddled up close to him and gave him a hug. His tail picked up wagging speed. He spoke to me in body language, “That’s right. Let’s do it. Let’s play. See you already know what you need to do. What have you been wanting for so long that you aren’t doing? 

“Nothing, it’s just me. I’m the one who hasn’t been keeping my resolutions. I have no one to blame but myself. I really want to make this resolution. I know I need to make this resolution and then do what it takes to make it happen.”

Yes, and what else? he wondered.

“I need to develop the right habits so that I do what I need to do every day until my resolution becomes my reality. If I don’t make a resolution, my dreams are unresolved anyway. Deciding not to make a resolution means I’m giving up myself.” I looked him in the eyes.

Your dog might save your life.

He stared back looking bored. I felt like he said to me: You speak the truth.

“I do? I guess I do. What now?”

He started circling around me, like he always does when he wants me to get into action, wants me to play. Make your resolution on the first.

“The first of what?” I asked.

He ran to the door and looked back at me wagging his backside. The first of everything. The first of every year and the first of every month. First thing every morning. Right now! Do you resolve? Or do you not? 

“I get it. I got it. I’m resolving to do what I want to do . . . what I need to do.” I opened the door. He dashed around the back yard searching for his stick. He found it and ran to me. I threw the stick and he brought it back to me. I threw it again and he brought it back to me again, this time with a little more slobber. I knew I could throw it for an hour or two and he would stay in the game.

He wants to bring me the stick. He never lets me down. I throw the stick again, but this time I resolve to run with him. He beats me to the stick, but turns back to give it to me.

I dash off in another direction, and he chases me with the stick still in his mouth. He follows me wherever I go. I freeze and turn around to look at him. He drops the stick near my feet. He leans back with full attention on me, ready to take off the moment I grab the stick.

As I stare into his eyes, I know exactly what he’s thinking. I resolve right now to bring this stick to you. Are you willing to stay in the game? 

I drop my head back to look up at the sky. The sun is out of reach, yet I enjoy its warmth. My resolution is like the blinding sun. It’s out of reach, but just the thought of it brightens my day. It warms my heart.

I need to chase my resolution every day. I must master my game. I need to get fired up about playing every day. I got a burst of energy and threw the stick one more time. As he was running back to me with the stick, I felt a sudden sense of power. I got the crazy idea that I could throw any wish out to the universe and it would come back to me. I felt great!

We went back inside. I noticed a book that a successful friend loaned me a few days ago. He said it was a game-changer for him. I sat down and looked at the cover. RESOLVED: 13 Resolutions for LIFE. I started flipping through the pages and randomly got caught up in chapter 5, the Plan and Do chapter. I was hooked as soon as I saw these three questions:

  1. What do you want?
  2. What does it cost?
  3. Pay it.

Get it done when life gets tough: Advice from Julie A Fast



3 BIG Benefits of Flexibility Exercises

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man splitTommy Cooper asked his personal trainer if he could teach him how to do splits.
“How flexible are you?” his trainer asked.
“I can’t make Tuesdays,” Cooper said.

Are you ready to loosen up?

Imagine putting on a pair of loose pajama pants. You feel the softness of the fabric as you pull them up your legs and over your hips. You tie the drawstring, just enough to keep them up. They’re adjustable and comfortable.

Now put on a pair of pants that are tight. You suck in your stomach and shimmy to get them around your buttocks. As you struggle to pull up the zipper and fasten the button, you feel the strain in your waistline. You immediately begin to feel tense and cramped.

Strive to be more like your favorite pajamas. They’re simple but strong, soft but durable, symmetrical but flexible. They have plenty of wiggle room to allow for the movement of your body, thoughts and dreams.

You’re probably familiar with some of the foundations of fitness: strength, balance, endurance and flexibility. These are important not only for maintaining your physical health but also your mental and spiritual health. By practicing flexibility exercises in these areas of your life on a regular basis, you stand to gain three BIG benefits:

1. Become a more likable person.

Stretch your relationships. Who do you like to be around? Positive people who share your interests, profession, genes or personality, right? They comfort you without challenging you too much. When you’re interacting with others, you’re literally spending your time (your life) with them.  Surprise people with deep questions like, “What’s it like to be you?” Invite yourself into someone’s personal space one day and back off the next. Exercise your thoughts and consideration by giving your full attention to the people around you. Your days and your relationships are among your most valuable assets.

yoga group pose men womenConnect with strangers. Experiment with various activities which give you opportunities to interact with others. MeetUp is a great way to find others gathering for a common purpose. Be an active participant open to learn. Talk a little. Listen a lot. Imagine what life would be like if you happened to be the person you’re talking to. As you take time to partake in the stories that shaped their lives, it’s easier to understand their perspectives and beliefs. It can be an enlightening exercise for you as well as others. Give people the gift of not only of your physical presence, but also the presence of your mind. By practicing the art of connecting with others, not only do you gain strength, but so do others around you.

Become more tolerant of other people’s beliefs. It’s not worth getting upset with colleagues, neighbors, family members or anyone else because of the decisions they make. Their choices are based on the beliefs that saddle their heart. Notice your emotions as they swell up inside you. Your emotional triggers have all been customized to you based on a concoction of your significant life experiences. Meet, greet or dismiss your emotions as they come to you. Leaders, counselors and comedians make their living helping people with the physical, mental and emotional tightropes that connect them to others. Learn from these people and you’ll become better at walking your own tightropes, finding ways to tap into deeper connections with others by loosening your own saddle. Ultimately, you walk away from nearly every encounter in life free, as you always have been, to act on your own convictions. With practice it becomes quite easy to be agreeable to things that have little relevance in the long run.

2. Improve your health.

See yourself as you want to be. Everyone has needs and wants, and some people have ambition as well. A few people are compelled to achieve big goals like becoming an olympic athlete, a bestselling author or the next Nelson Mandela, while others have smaller objectives like learning to cook, losing 10 pounds or reading a spiritual book. Regardless of how big or small your objective is, it begins with a thought. Thoughts are like seeds–some multiply. One tiny apple seed has the potential to become a mature apple tree producing somewhere between 50-100 apples a year. An apple seed, given the right environment, can eventually produce apples, but it will never produce oranges. The Secret to good physical, mental and spiritual health begins in the thoughts that occupy your mind.

hatha yoga legs over head manStretch throughout the day. Lay down on the grass in the evening and look up. Take a few deep breaths. What do you see? Lift your legs straight up. Maybe you’ll see an airplane flying under your feet. Is there someplace you’d like to go? Slowly lower your legs toward your body reaching your toes toward the ground behind your head. Hold the pose for a minute or so if you can. With regular practice, you’ll be able to flex further. Maybe you can already touch your toes to the ground. Maybe not. Maybe you’ll be able to next month or next year? Maybe never. Release your stretch. Give in slowly to the gravity which is pulling your legs back down to the ground. Look up at the stars. You don’t need to go anywhere special to stretch. Wherever your body goes your mind will follow.

11 Equipment Essentials for Everyday Exercises

Expand or contract your spiritual rituals. Some Hindus, Buddhists, Seventh Day Adventists and other religious systems practice vegetarianism because of their spiritual belief systems. In some cases, they also back up their decision with evidence of physical benefits. Many Muslim women veil their bodies, exposing only their eyes and hands. They do it out of obedience to God or their culture. Some say it frees them from being judged by their looks or their body. Their beauty is reserved for their husbands only. Catholics tell their wrong-doings to priests to confess the sins on their conscious. This sacrament reconciles them with God. How are you exercising your spirit? Try practicing some new rituals or letting go of some that don’t feel right.

3. Generate valuable ideas.

Be a curious lifelong learner. To remain relevant, you need to be willing to do one of two things: adopt to the ways of younger generations or lead change. In some cases it’s good to keep doing a thing the same way if it serves you well . . . at least until it doesn’t. You need to know when it’s time to yield to change. If you like board games, learn a computer game. If you like connecting with people by phone, try texting, Skyping or doing a group video call in Google Hangouts. If you’re passionate about history, find new ways to bring it back to life. Stretch your imagination. Exercise your freedom to think about anything you want.

Make a habit of doing things for the first time. As each new generation comes of age, it comes with its own leaders who have the courage to question status quo. These change-makers bring new ideas, trends, technologies, and more. It’s normal to be afraid of trying new things, but it’s also one of the best ways to grow and discover treasures that are hiding all around you. Check out this clip. This is the first time I ever spoke to an all-male Toastmasters club. This is what it’s like at the amazing the amazing Club 1600 in the Bahamas . . .

Open your heart to other belief systems. Cultural, political, sexual and religious belief systems have been shaping you from the time you were born. Your perception narrows over time unless you take steps to exercise the connection between your conscious and subconscious. When you poo, it doesn’t even occur to you that you’re sitting rather than squatting. Are you pooping wrong? How deep is your squat stretch? You do countless activities each day without consciously thinking about the fact that you’re doing them, not because you choose to, but because you’ve been conditioned to conform to the local culture.

Warning: Old People and Frogs May Trigger Culture Shock

backbend yoga pose womanEach time you stretch your body, pay attention to the things going on around you. When you bend over backwards, it seems as if the whole world turns upside down for you. But you were the one who changed, not the world. When you practice stretching your body and reaching out beyond your psychological or spiritual comfort zones, you’re preparing yourself to be more adaptable to the inevitable changes that are coming your way whether you like it or not.

Your ability to adapt to changing circumstances may affect your lifespan. How flexible are you? Your mental, physical and spiritual flexibility measures are either increasing or decreasing little by little on a daily basis. The direction it’s moving in each area of your life is up to you.

Many centenarians have confident, robust personalities. They’ve been able to grow old, in part, because of their flexibility and open-mindedness. They have good self-esteem. They like interacting with others, but they don’t like becoming dependent on others.

Flexibility exercises begin in your mind. Then they become apparent in your body language. And eventually, if everything goes right, the benefits show up in your spirit.

Off the Mat Into the World logo

Aromatherapy Gifts for Nosy People

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Kids who rely mainly on their vision are called “visual learners.” They say things like, “look at me!” As adults they say, “I see what you mean.” When you know what to look for, it’s easy to detect a person’s dominant sense, especially in children. But unfortunately, many adults lose touch with their good sense.

nosy person

The five basic senses are visual, tactile, auditory, gustatory and nosy. Each of us has a dominant one. You probably know plenty of nosy people, but you may not be familiar with which aromatherapy products are best suited for different types. Let’s eavesdrop on a few nosy peeps.

Number One: Tinker Bells

Social Tinker Bells enjoy going out for drinks with friends. Social tinklers invite a friend to join them when they go to the restroom. It gives them time to ask personal questions about the other people with them.

Shy tinklers go alone. At work they spend their break time in the restroom listening to their coworkers make stall calls. Tinklers don’t care whether their colleagues are calling to argue with their spouse, or calling about why their credit card was denied. It’s all good stuff.

imagesNosy tinklers like to pee a little and save some more for later, like dogs do when they go on walks. Why waste a good pee all at once? They spend a lot of time in the bathroom tinkering around, powdering their noses and rearranging their hair. So it’s convenient for them to have aromatherapy products in the bathroom where they can access them easily.

LUSH products are ideal gifts for Tinker drinkers who use colognes, perfumes, or breath fresheners to cover up the smell of alcohol. LUSH products are a powerful remedy they’ll love.

If you’re drawn to the enticing smells of essential oils from nature, you can’t help but go inside a LUSH to snoop around and sniff their fragrant items. If you’ve ever been near a LUSH, you know what I’m talking about. You can smell them coming and going. Tinker Bells can’t resist.

Number Two: Loggers

When loggers visit you, they’ll ask to use the bathroom to wash their hands, but the truth is, they’re full of crap. What they really want to do is look in your medicine chest to see what types of prescriptions you’re taking and look under your sink to see what they might dig up. They don’t mean to butt-in, but they can’t help themselves.

That’s why you should stock your bathroom with Trap-A-Crap. It’s the perfect product for people like loggers, hunters and campers who know how much a few good logs can put out. You don’t have to be a professional logger to recognize the smell of fresh cut wood.

A lot of people don’t like loggers. They believe that deforestation is harming the planet, so people are banding together in organizations like the World Wildlife Fund and The Nature Conservancy to save the trees. Talks are underway between the tinklers and loggers. They’re planning on uniting to help protect the rainforest.

Number Three: Physicians

Nosy tactile people become gynecologists, nurses and moms. They’re genuinely into people. But in order for them to do their job well, they have to ask a lot of questions and do a lot of poking around. Sometimes this can be uncomfortable.

Olbas aromatic oil is an herbal remedy that loosens muscles, soothes nasal passages, and even reduces symptoms of nausea. It’s a sensational multi-purpose product they’ll love.

Olbas Oil is made in an olfactory in Basel, Switzerland. For more than 100 years, Olbas’ products have been delighting people throughout the world. According to the makers, “The synergistic combination of these six essential oils provides amazing sensations to your body at multiple levels.” I want some of that, don’t you?

Number Four: Outdoor enthusiasts

Louis C K lives in The Big Apple. Because it’s one of the most densely populated cities in the US, New Yorkers are more likely to experience nosy neighbors. He tells this story about a fellow outdoor enthusiast he encountered shortly after he moved into his new apartment . . .

Beat It! insect repellent is an ideal gift for outdoorsmen who put themselves at risk of getting stung every time they go outdoors. It’s obvious that Louis likes this deet-free product, which apparently works well for men. Michael Jackson liked it so much he wrote a song about it.

Apply it wherever you typically get bit. Why swat it when you can Beat It?

Number Five: Hypochondriacs

Hypochondriacs complain about random health issues. Take rhinosinusitus, for example. This is a condition in which the nasal passages become inflamed and blocked due to allergies or infection.

When nosy people lose their sense of smell, it’s like blindfolding a visual teen boy at a crowded beach. Nosy hypochondriacs appreciate this homeopathic spray that gives them the quick remedy they need to get their noses back to minding other people’s business.

I use Sinus Buster when my spring or fall allergies flair up. I do one good squirt in each nostril and then lay down to do some deep breathing. When you spray a small dose of red hot cayenne pepper up your nose, it turns out, your eyes water and you can feel your sinuses begin to clear immediately. For long-time allergy sufferers, it’s a dream come true.

Number Sex: Star Gazers

Some nosy people have sleep issues. If you know someone who has a telescope in his bedroom, it probably means he has this disorder. He’s an anonymous volunteer for the neighborhood watch. When he can’t sleep, he checks on his neighbors. He really wants to settle down, but he thinks if he does, it would be a nightmare.

An aromatherapeutic pillow mist is a great gift for gazers. When they spray this special mist on their pillows and sheets, it helps to lure them into bed and into a more relaxed state of mind.

We don’t have a telescope in our bedroom, but we do mist our sheets several times a week. My husband says he likes it.

Number Seven: Housecleaners

Imagine the refreshing smell of citrus when you tear away the peel of an orange. Compare this to the smell of a cigar or car fumes. What you smell can instantly change your mood.

Housecleaners are there to serve, and if you ask, they’ll be happy to give you a naturally clean home. They can create a relaxing forest scent in your great room by sprinkling a few drops of pine, cypress or oakmoss oil on the carpeting before vacuuming. They’re eager to learn new secrets.

Common Scents for Nosy People 

With aromatherapeutic products spread throughout your home, you and your nosy loved ones can experience fragrant pleasures more often. Each time you pass along a good whiff, you could be creating a memory that lingers.

Some people have completely lost touch with their good sense. We’d all be happier if we became a bit more childlike and reawakened our curiosity from within. Gastroenterologists and psychologists agree that it’s good to release our logs from within. Who nose what we might come upon?

Essential oils have countless applications. If you’d like to prepare custom blends for the special peeps in your life, look for recipes on AromaWeb. There are lots of other great products I’d like to tell you about, but I really should to get back to FaceBook to check up on my friends.



My issues

Not Sure What to do With Your Issues?

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As some of you know, I have a lot of issues. And over the past few years they’ve increased. A lot of my Writer friends have similar issues and sometimes we share them with each other. But don’t worry, we found that it’s fairly easy to get rid of them. Many people who go to the library leave their issues in the Lobby and other people take them. My issues include People, Parents, Parenting, Florida, and More. And my husband sometimes reminds me that I have Good Housekeeping issues too. But he also realizes it’s really not that important for us to have Better Homes and Gardens. Most women prefer instead to be Vogue, InStyle, and even Bazaar every now and then. Because ladies, and especially Brides, want to Allure their man with Glamour.

Many of my issues relate to Country Living, Southern Living, Coastal LivingWhole Living, and just Living in general. It costs a Fortune these days! And leaves us with little Time for Entertainment, or time to get Outside to see a Sunset. Some of my friends have Money issues, or Spirituality & Health issues. Prevention is important in these matters.

Some of my Neighbors have Cottages & Bungalows issues, and because they keep their lives Real Simple, they don’t have a lot of other issues.  I must admit that I also have issues with Oprah and Martha Stewart, but that’s expected from time to time in any Woman’s Day.

Some of my friend’s husbands have Entrepreneur issues. They’re well Wired, my friends assure me, and that’s Lucky, but they have other issues related to Health, Boating or Golf, for example. When I was Seventeen, I never imagined that I would have so many issues at this point in my life. My husband loves me despite my issues, but because of our upcoming move to China, he’s encouraging me to lighten up and manage them digitally. I’ve been trying to explain to him that I’m really comfortable with my issues and it’s hard to let them go. But I know he’s right. We’ll have a lot of extra luggage fees if I try to take all my issues to China.

It will be easier if I just get rid of most of them. So over the next few days, I’ll be dropping off my issues around town, probably at Public Libraries, Automobile repair shops, retirement homes, doctor’s offices, and other places where people like to pick up issues. I don’t believe in throwing perfectly good issues in the garbage. That would be wasteful.

If you would like some of my issues, please let me know right away, or look for them around town. You may not know for sure if they’re my issues because I’ll be using a marker to blot out my name. I don’t want others to know how many issues I have.

If you have some issues you’ve been holding onto for a while, you might want to consider getting rid of some of yours too. If you keep them too long, they become outdated and don’t do you much good anyway.

Make It Easier to Save the Trees

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When I see signs like this asking me to be green in one way or another, I’m very willing to comply.

So when I saw the sign I looked all around the restroom, but didn’t see any hand dryers except for the paper dispenser in front of my face.

I didn’t see anything near the water faucets or on the other walls in the room, so I pulled out a few paper towels and dried my hands. I put the paper towels in the garbage along with all the others, and then when I headed out of the restroom, I saw the hand dryers in the hallway. I didn’t notice them on the way in because that wasn’t the main thing on my mind at the time.

Are you with me here?

One of the first rules of good design is to keep things where they’re going to be used most, and this is especially important in public places. I didn’t even see the hand dryer until after I dried my hands. I wonder whose idea it was to install them around the corner in the hallway? McCarran needs to hire new restroom designers who understand the needs of travelers.

I was pulling luggage on wheels. The last thing I wanted to do was to grab my luggage with wet hands and start looking around for hand dryers. If this had been several years ago, I might have sent one of my kids off for this game of hide & seek.

The partially bubbled bumper sticker on the paper towel dispenser is a clue that the hand dryers were probably an afterthought, installed after management at the airport decided to take efforts to be more green. The bubbles in the bumper sticker also whisper out a lack of concern for quality by the person who installed it.

I suppose it’s better to have the hand dryers in the hallway than not to have them at all. Maybe the employees know about them and use them. But they’re sort of in the way in the hallway. Although there wasn’t a line when I used the restroom, I’m sure the dryers are inconveniently placed if people are entering and exiting the restroom with luggage while some people are standing around drying their hands. This seems like it’s designed to create a traffic jam.

If McCarran wanted to encourage people to use the hand dryers, they’d be the choice closest to the sinks. I just checked out the McCarran website and I didn’t see anything on their “GREEN Initiatives.” Since they screamed out “GREEN” on their bumper sticker, I thought they’d have a quick link to “GREEN Initiatives” on their website, but if it’s there, I couldn’t find it.

On a green design scale of 1-10, I give them a 3: one point for the bubbled bumper sticker, one point for installing the hand dryers and one more point for good luck next time I’m in Vegas.

If you’re a member of the American Restroom Association or the World Toilet Organization can you please spread the word that McCarran might have a few underused hand dryers that they can donate to a good cause?

Interested in flying through greener airports? Plan your next trip around a long layover at one of the World’s Ten Greenest Airports.

Got an airport story you want to share? Please leave a comment.

Starbucks and Target Are Good Places "To Go"

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Ever get frustrated in a public restroom? You aren’t the only one. Starbucks and Target are good places to go because they have in place excellent restroom policies and cleaning procedures. Despite their good intentions, however, you will LOL with these customer experiences.

Check out this “Gotta Go” video presented by Dr Lorraine Haataia at the Toastmasters International District 84 Division A Area 11 Humorous Speech Contest on September 24, 2009.

If you’d like to book Dr Lorraine for your next event, please contact her at www.DrLorraine.net. She’s not always so funny. She’s serious about helping businesses establish good policies and procedures that keep customers coming and going.

If you have other humorous public restroom stories you’d like to share, please leave a comment.

No Impact Man Enlightens World

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No Impact Man is one of the most inspiring documentaries I’ve ever seen!

Colin Beavan and his wife, Michelle Conlin, inspire the world by changing their way of life in the Big Apple. Colin believes that we all have a voice and we all need to take responsibility for our own actions. But Colin and Michelle aren’t just preaching; they’re the real thing! They phased in big changes in their own lives over a one year period to reduce their impact.

Colin and Michelle show how individual customers can make daily decisions that can also change corporations. Sometime in the near future, I hope to meet this couple I respect very much.

Get to know them in their reality-TV-like documentary where they welcome the world into their New York City home:

Publish Post

Michelle says the no impact way of life gave her the following benefits:

  • time slowed down
  • she felt like she lived more in the moment
  • she was much happier
  • her family became much closer

Change yourself to change the world with the No Impact Project.

Shop and Go is a Clean Experience at Target

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If you’re out shopping and you need a restroom break, Target is a good place to stop.

DSC06775 Cropped - Target Restroom Policy

Target’s outstanding clean restroom policy and procedure is clearly posted for both employees and customers to see.  They really hit the bulls eye on this one. The policy sign posted for customers includes a literal “call to action,” to call the team leader if the restroom is unacceptable. I wonder if this means I can call them about the little boy who looked up at me from under the next stall while his mother was busy talking on her cell phone? Nevermind, I was just kidding. Talking on cell phones probably makes shopping a more pleasant experience for moms.

The employee checklist entitled, “Restrooms are Clean,” includes subheadings of “spotless, stocked and shiny.” The form also provides two simple steps for employees to perform every hour: 1) check when the task is performed, and 2) press the call button when done to alert the manager that cleaning is complete. It’s obvious that Target is serious about keeping their restrooms clean all day long.


At the Target in St. John’s Town Center in Jacksonville, FL, on June 20, 2009, the restroom was clean and stocked. In no way does this guarantee that all Target restrooms on all days are as clean as this one, but you probably have a better shot at a clean restroom at a Target than at a nearby gas station.

So I’ll give Target 7  points on a 10 point scale for their restroom policy and procedures. Here’s how they could earn the extra three points in my book:

  1. one more point if the restrooms had windows and/or more fresh air circulation and live plants.
  2. one additional point if it included natural aromatherapy for clean nontoxic air.
  3. one more point if they played pleasant jazz or instrumental music not only in the restroom, but throughout the store.

The red all over the store is a bit much and I think they can learn a few things from Walmart’s newer energy-efficient stores with natural lighting in the ceiling. But this is just one customer’s opinion.

How Much Is Your Restroom Costing You?

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On a recent visit to a doctor’s office, I made a stop in the restroom. Here’s what I saw–a bad sign! Someone in the office evidently thought it would be a good idea to put a basket of paper towels on top of the toilet tank. And the same person, or perhaps someone else, took the time to type, print and then tape a paper sign on the front of the toilet tank letting patients know they only wanted toilet paper in the toilet. The sign read:

Please…Only toilet paper should be placed in the toilet.

Are they serious? Where should I put the stuff I came in to get rid of? Now here’s what makes the story even more interesting. They purchase the kind of towels that fold together, the kind that are meant for a towel dispenser, so that once you pull one out, the first fold of the next towel is cued up for taking, similar to the way a tissue box works.


I typically try to follow rules as much as possible, but when I pulled a paper towel to dry my hands, one more flipped over and fluttered right into the toilet. What a trap! Right about then I looked around the room to see if there was a hidden camera somewhere in the corner where someone was watching to see what I would do. Would I reach into the toilet and pull out the paper towel?


Well, I’m not quite that obedient. And by now, I’ve already decided they deserve a clogged toilet for setting up such a poor layout of the bathroom supplies. In the next picture you can see that they clearly have room for a towel dispenser closer to the sink.

In addition to making it easier to wash hands, it would also save the drips that end up on the toilet seat when people reach over the toilet with wet hands to get a paper towel. Don’t you hate when you see a toilet with drips on the seat?

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Can you believe that a doctor would allow this in her office? One who knows much about the dangers of germs! The sign is dripping with germs, and advertises oversight on the part of the doctor and office manager.

If you’d like to learn more about bathroom ratings around the world, or provide your rating on a bathroom that you visited, see RestroomRatings.com.

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