Drink Distilled Water Daily to Detox and Defend your Body

Have you ever tried to drink more water to help minimize brain fog, headaches, or other some other nagging condition? At the advice of your doctor or an article you read, perhaps you tried to increase your water intake only to find that it didn’t taste good or feel right. It’s probably because you drank tap or bottled water.

Your body has a natural craving and thirst for pure water . . . every day.

In municipal water supplies (tap water), bottled water and even well water, you may find:

. . . and a multitude of other unregulated chemicals and toxins depending on the source of the water. Tap Water cartoon by Creative Loafing, shows need for distilled water

“Hard water then is your greatest enemy. It will destroy fond hope you have by striking you down when you should be enjoying the fruits of your labors. Crippled joints, repeated surgeries, enlarged hearts, hardened arteries, gall stones, kidney stones, hearing problems, forgetful minds, all draw your activities from the great out-of-doors into creaking rocking chairs and finally into bed-ridden old people’s homes.”  The Choice is Clear by Dr. Allen E. Banik

Drugs in Drinking Water shows need for distilled water

Mike Keefe InToon.com

Any water filtration system is better than none, but some systems are better than others. Distilled water is the purest. It’s H2O. In addition to hydrating your body, another main function of water is to help detoxify your body.

” Often it is heard that the body needs the minerals found in water. Not so. Our food supply is the proper source of minerals.” J. Edward Smith

You may have heard a myth that you shouldn’t drink distilled water because it’s acidic or it pulls minerals from your body, but consider the source.

“As far as acidity goes, distilled water is close to a neutral pH and has no effect on the body’s acid/base balance. Distilled water is safe to drink, and the kind of water I use myself.” Dr. Andrew Weil

Although I do drink plain distilled water sometimes, I mainly use it for soups, tea, and smoothies I make with organic fruits and vegetables.

Tap water, bottled water and well water typically add noxious substances to your body. Because they’re already contaminated, they aren’t as effective as distilled water in helping to rid your body of toxins.

“I mixed this myself. Two parts H. One part O. I don’t trust anybody.” Steven Wright

Dear Diary, This is the day I decided to drink distilled water. 

Why not use pure H2O to ensure you aren’t adding more toxins to your body through the water you drink? My husband and I currently use the Megahome Countertop Water Distiller. It works well for 2-4 people because it can make a gallon of distilled water in about five hours. I usually make 2-3 gallons each day for the two of us. It’s on my kitchen countertop next to the sink. It’s the first thing I reach for every morning when I make fresh juice and coffee.

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Have you ever tried drinking distilled water to cleanse the inside of your body?

Try this simple experiment.

Take a few minutes to jot down any physical issues you’re having. Then start drinking and cooking with distilled water every day. Note the benefits you experience within 30, 60 and 90 days. You’ll need about one gallon per person each day. Ever since I started drinking distilled water and using it for tea and cooking, I’ve noticed that I feel better and have much more energy throughout the day.

Now that I feel the difference, I won’t to go back to tap. When I go out, I take with me a glass water bottle filled with distilled water, or I take tea that I made with distilled water. I also carry a small TDS-EZ Water Quality Tester with me everywhere I go to check water before I decide whether or not I’m going to drink it.

If you believe in showering the outside of your body on a regular basis, you can certainly understand why it’s even more important to shower the inside of your body with pure H20 every day.

A $15 water tester is worth more than a $150 water filter. 

If you have access to a sunny spot, you might want to get a solar powered distiller such as the Eliodomestico. This beautiful distiller would make a great addition to any garden, patio or balcony.

Eliodomestico solar water distiller

Gabriele Diamanti, award-winning Eliodomestico designer, developed this open-source distiller project.

Or if you’re handy, you might want to do some research on how to make your own DIY Solar Still.

This blog post is not intended to be a forum to debate what type of water people should be drinking. There are plenty of other places you can do that. I’m simply sharing why I choose to drink distilled water in the hopes that it might help others who want to cleanse and heal their bodies.

H2O is water and H2O2 is hydrogen peroxide. What is H2O4? Drinking. Ha ha. ASU