Free Things You Don’t Want When Shopping

Seems like there’s always a catch to free offers. It’s always a good idea to read the fine print before saying yes to free stuff.


I saw this sign today in a clothing consignment store. It gave me a good idea about how this establishment feels about its customers. Although I found it somewhat offensive, I was also impressed with the layout and simplicity of it. It’s eye-catching and it communicates a clear message.

What I’d like suggest to this store is that they ask the police to give first time offenders a free ride to a Scared Straight program that’s set up as a daily or weekly event hosted by local prisoners. Convicts have the power not only to take lives, but also to save them. Check out this Scared Straight clip . . .

If you care about your community enough to sell them clothes, go the extra mile and take care of the few who come in looking for something else. Who knows, you might turn their life around and turn them into upstanding customers.