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Want to Smell Like Michael Jordan? - DrLorraine.net
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Want to Smell Like Michael Jordan?


Today I was behind Michael Jordan and smelled toxic exhaust. But just in case you want to smell like the backside of Michael, you can buy some of this bottled fragrance at Perfumania.


Advertising on the back of trucks is such a good idea. I never knew that this NBA All-Star who nailed an average of 30 points per game did this with crooked ears. No one ever talked about his disability, but things always come out in the end. I don’t think this was a nice thing to do to Michael, but this is just one customer’s opinion.

More companies should take advantage of the opportunity to advertise on these mobile placards. Millions of trucks are rolling on our Interstates everyday and many of them have nothing to say. Here are a just a few ideas:

National Federation of the Blind)

  • Got a splitting headache? (ad for Bayer Aspirin) This one would make the most sense to the guys loading and unloading the truck.


I’m really on a roll with this mobile billboard idea.  If you have more ideas for ads on the back of trucks, I’d love to hear them.


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