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Good sleep is one of the most important factors in maintaining good health. Make your bedroom a peaceful sanctuary. By applying a few Feng Shui principals, you can optimize your sleeping space. Use a mix of soft blue tones, for example, to promote tranquility. Avoid bright red, or other vivid colors or patterns that stimulate energy.

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Keep TVs, computers, and other electronics out of your bedroom, or at least hide them away in closets or cabinets before sleeping. Keep your alarm clock on the far side of your nightstand and make sure it doesn’t emit too much light.

Keep mirrors out of your bedroom. They bounce light and images around the room, and therefore increase energy. If you have a mirror in your bedroom, cover it with thick fabric before getting in bed. Glass also reflects light. Glass-top nightstands, artwork framed in glass, and glass containers all reflect light and should, therefore be avoided.

Consider your partner. Objects and colors should appeal to both of you. If you share your bed, place a nightstand on each side to create balance. Choose art and objects carefully. If having a partner is important to you, avoid depictions with only one figure, which suggests solitude. And avoid things with three or more figures which  can insinuate infidelity. Be especially attentive to what you can see from your bed. What you notice first thing in the morning can help to set the mood for your first and last thoughts of the day.

Ideally, everything about the area should be peaceful. Don’t store exercise equipment near your bed, for example, or allow clutter to accumulate. If you live in an open-style loft or you can’t move things, cover them, or hide them behind a screen before you go to sleep.


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  • Jodi Sykes says:

    This is a great blog post … I would also add room darkening shades, a plant as well as some type of aromatherapy (lavendar, rosemary, vanilla are soothing scents!)

  • Lori Thatcher says:

    What great tips. We had already banned electronics (including clocks) from our bedroom, but my husband and I have been living full time in an RV for the last five years and sleeping in a bedroom lined with mirrors. Now we are moving back to a stick house and I’m going to be mindful of your suggestions.

  • Very interesting points about a relaxing bedroom. I liked the points about photos/images, and never thought about that aspect of our room. Happily every photo in our room is of my wife and I. We do have a mirror though, and will try to cover it up at night. I’ll have Kanjana look over your site and see what she thinks. What’s next on your blog?

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