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On Saturday night, my husband and I celebrated Earth Hour at home. For dinner, we had Kirkland wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon from Costco over salad with Annie’s Naturals organic Caesar dressing. He cooked the salmon on Fire & Flavor cedar planks on our outdoor grill and I made the Caesar salad in the kitchen.

After we put the salmon over the salad, he hit the breaker switch and turned off all the power to the house. We enjoyed our candlelight dinner for one hour and seventeen minutes, so in case you need an extra few minutes, we can lend you a few.

We talked about how quiet it was without hearing any air conditioning, music or anything at all running in the house. It was surprisingly dark in the house without all the LED lights that shine from the kitchen appliances and television equipment. We’re so accustomed to them that we don’t even notice until they’re gone. We have dimmers and motion sensors on almost all the switches in our home, but “off” is much darker than dim lighting!

We talked about how big the impact can be on any cause when you multiply the number of participants. We also talked about how much of an impact this could have worldwide if everybody participated. We walked out to our backyard and looked at our neighbors’ houses and everyone else had their lights on, so they obviously didn’t get the Earth Hour memo. It was a bright moonlight night, so it was very easy to walk in our backyard. I could take on some guilt and say that I didn’t do anything to promote it in my neighborhood, but I certainly can next year!

Earth Hour was sponsored by the World Wildlife Foundation. What did you do for Earth Hour? Please feel free to leave a comment.


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