I’m here to help you share your message with the world.

Content marketing is one of the best, and most cost effective, ways to get the word out about what you have to offer.


Are your Facebook fans sharing your content today?

Billions of pieces of content are shared on Facebook every day.


Are Twitter users noticing your tweets today?

Every day more than 500 million tweets are shared on Twitter.


Are people pinning your products to their wish list today?

Pinterest has more than 100 million monthly active users and millions of product pins every day.


Are people connecting with your company's leaders and experts on LinkedIn?

More than 3 billion people use LinkedIn for business connections.

What I do

Content Strategy

Every day you have the opportunity to attract an audience and increase your number of followers. Your success begins with having relevant and valuable content to share. I work with you to design a content marketing strategy to drive profitable customer action.

Content Writing

Original content is one of the most important forms of marketing in nearly every industry. Visibility is vital to your growth. Based on your business goals and marketing strategy, I produce compelling content to inspire involvement, evoke passion and ignite action.

Content Design

Brand visibility and engagement is vital to your growth. Every millisecond counts. Visual appeal is essential. Captivating words, images and videos play a key role in keeping people engaged with your content. I work with you to design content to retain and attract customers.

Content Distribution

To reap the benefits of social media outlets and other distribution channels, it’s critical to have a strategy that takes into account who your customers are and what you’re trying to achieve. Would you like to have raving fans sharing your content every day? I help you structure a game plan to increase your visibility.


You can't control your customer reviews.

But you do have full control over your content marketing strategy.


Working with Lorraine makes my business more approachable to my customers. That's the real value in it to me. The pictures are great and serve a purpose, but having someone make it more relevant, and having someone be a mock customer is valuable to me. I'm happy with the way it goes. She's not overly regimented. She's flexible with me and lets me go through the creative process. She listens. She's not trying to steer the boat and tell me what to do. It's a collaborative approach which I appreciate tremendously.

Dave StevensPrincipal Owner at Mission Logistics

Working with Lorraine is definitely a lot of fun and I get a lot out of it. She goes above and beyond. She has a genuine interest in me, not me as a client, but me as a person. She has helped in all aspects of my business. She's an amazing writer and has a great talent for writing. Her content marketing articles are getting me a lot more exposure that I wouldn't have had without her help.

Tami Shidawara-VazquezArtist and Owner at Restoration Illlumination

She has led training efforts and guided many teams through cross-functional initiatives. These initiatives have created seven-figure cost savings, enhanced internal operations, reduced errors and rework and substantial gains in customer satisfaction. Dr. Lorraine understands organizations, systems and people. She is an effective change agent and her contributions produce both performance improvement and enhanced bottom line results.

Hal ResnickOwner of Work Systems Associates

Lorraine has a talent for walking into any situation, evaluating it, and improving it! She has an incredible imagination and sees no boundaries in her capabilities and those that she works with. 'It can't be done' is not a possibility with Lorraine. She has an amazing talent for taking on multiple projects and giving each one 100% of her time and energy. I have enjoyed Lorraine's professional relationship, and her spunky personal side as well.

Kim GoodsonPharmaceutical Account Management

She is a pleasure to work with not only for the knowledge that she possesses, but also for the zest with which she goes about sharing and applying that knowledge. She has a knack for analyzing processes in and out of her area of expertise and always seems to find a way to make them run more smoothly.

Tom WallaceManager of Customer & Shipment Services at Sea Star Line

Lorraine is a person of energy, education and organization. She is a true researcher always striving to capture the essence of the material before delivering.

Cleon CoxCox & Associates
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