How Much Is Your Restroom Costing You?

On a recent visit to a doctor’s office, I made a stop in the restroom. Here’s what I saw–a bad sign! Someone in the office evidently thought it would be a good idea to put a basket of paper towels on top of the toilet tank. And the same person, or perhaps someone else, took the time to type, print and then tape a paper sign on the front of the toilet tank letting patients know they only wanted toilet paper in the toilet. The sign read:

Please…Only toilet paper should be placed in the toilet.

Are they serious? Where should I put the stuff I came in to get rid of? Now here’s what makes the story even more interesting. They purchase the kind of towels that fold together, the kind that are meant for a towel dispenser, so that once you pull one out, the first fold of the next towel is cued up for taking, similar to the way a tissue box works.


I typically try to follow rules as much as possible, but when I pulled a paper towel to dry my hands, one more flipped over and fluttered right into the toilet. What a trap! Right about then I looked around the room to see if there was a hidden camera somewhere in the corner where someone was watching to see what I would do. Would I reach into the toilet and pull out the paper towel?


Well, I’m not quite that obedient. And by now, I’ve already decided they deserve a clogged toilet for setting up such a poor layout of the bathroom supplies. In the next picture you can see that they clearly have room for a towel dispenser closer to the sink.

In addition to making it easier to wash hands, it would also save the drips that end up on the toilet seat when people reach over the toilet with wet hands to get a paper towel. Don’t you hate when you see a toilet with drips on the seat?

If you have a poorly designed restroom in your office or if you know of an organization who needs some help improving a restroom space, contact Dr Lorraine. I can help you set up a functional bathroom to meet your requirements and fit the theme of your organization. You may not think that your restrooms have much impact on your organization and you may not be thinking about other aspects of your environment that have an impact on the brand, image and impression that you deliver to your employees and customers.


Can you believe that a doctor would allow this in her office? One who knows much about the dangers of germs! The sign is dripping with germs, and advertises oversight on the part of the doctor and office manager.

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