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Starbucks’ success has a lot to do with timing. They began expanding their number of cozy spaces at a time when a growing number of people were willing to pay $5 for a coffee and a tiny table to check their email, do some work or meet up with a friend or stranger. In just a few decades, they’ve grown to be the largest coffeehouse in the world.

Millions of people worldwide like working in Starbucks coffee shops. If you’re one of them, you’ll love Workshop Cafe.

Workshop Cafe

One of the numerous work space areas at Workshop Cafe.

Like Starbucks, Workshop Cafe offers WiFi, coffee, tea and food. They also have indoor and outdoor seating in a great location. And they offer some work space areas that are well lit with natural lighting.

But here’s why Workshop Cafe is 10x better than Starbucks:

  1. Forgot your charger? they’ll loan you one.
  2. Need to print, scan or mail something? You can do it here.
  3. Want to work on a larger screen? you can plug into one of their larger screens.
  4. Need a quiet meeting room or place to make a call? They have small meeting spaces.
  5. Want to keep an eye on your bike? They have bike racks on the walls inside.
  6. Want a booth area with a little privacy? They have booth seating.
  7. Need to recharge your phone or computer? You can find plugs everywhere.
  8. Don’t like waiting in line? Place your order from their app and they deliver to your table.
  9. Want to work late? They’re open until 10 pm every day of the week.
  10. Prefer to bring your own food and drink? No problem. Bring it with you. You don’t have to order food or drinks if you don’t want to.

See what others are saying about this cool cafe on Yelp. And check out this clip by Workshop Cafe founder, Rich Menendez:

Most remote workspaces require monthly fees regardless of how often you’re there. At Workshop Cafe, you pay $2/hour, but only when you’re there. Workshop Cafe is a great startup business setting a precedent for the future of sustainable cafes and remote work spaces. Their ideas are certain to catch on.

Happy People Stop Working But Never Retire or Quit

Workshop Cafe logo 2

If you’re visiting San Francisco and need a relaxing atmosphere to work for a few hours, check it out. Your first 10 hours are FREE!

A man walks into a coffee shop and asks, “how much is the coffee?”
“It’s $4,” says the waitress.
“And how much is a refill?”
“It’s free,” she says.
“Then I’ll have a refill,” he says. Jokes4U

If your local coffee shop is having a hard time competing with the local Starbucks, encourage the owner to check out Workshop Cafe to catch up with the times.

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