Not Sure What to do With Your Issues?

As some of you know, I have a lot of issues. And over the past few years they’ve increased. A lot of my Writer friends have similar issues and sometimes we share them with each other. But don’t worry, we found that it’s fairly easy to get rid of them. Many people who go to the library leave their issues in the Lobby and other people take them. My issues include People, Parents, Parenting, Florida, and More. And my husband sometimes reminds me that I have Good Housekeeping issues too. But he also realizes it’s really not that important for us to have Better Homes and Gardens. Most women prefer instead to be Vogue, InStyle, and even Bazaar every now and then. Because ladies, and especially Brides, want to Allure their man with Glamour.

Many of my issues relate to Country Living, Southern Living, Coastal LivingWhole Living, and just Living in general. It costs a Fortune these days! And leaves us with little Time for Entertainment, or time to get Outside to see a Sunset. Some of my friends have Money issues, or Spirituality & Health issues. Prevention is important in these matters.

Some of my Neighbors have Cottages & Bungalows issues, and because they keep their lives Real Simple, they don’t have a lot of other issues.  I must admit that I also have issues with Oprah and Martha Stewart, but that’s expected from time to time in any Woman’s Day.

Some of my friend’s husbands have Entrepreneur issues. They’re well Wired, my friends assure me, and that’s Lucky, but they have other issues related to Health, Boating or Golf, for example. When I was Seventeen, I never imagined that I would have so many issues at this point in my life. My husband loves me despite my issues, but because of our upcoming move to China, he’s encouraging me to lighten up and manage them digitally. I’ve been trying to explain to him that I’m really comfortable with my issues and it’s hard to let them go. But I know he’s right. We’ll have a lot of extra luggage fees if I try to take all my issues to China.

It will be easier if I just get rid of most of them. So over the next few days, I’ll be dropping off my issues around town, probably at Public Libraries, Automobile repair shops, retirement homes, doctor’s offices, and other places where people like to pick up issues. I don’t believe in throwing perfectly good issues in the garbage. That would be wasteful.

If you would like some of my issues, please let me know right away, or look for them around town. You may not know for sure if they’re my issues because I’ll be using a marker to blot out my name. I don’t want others to know how many issues I have.

If you have some issues you’ve been holding onto for a while, you might want to consider getting rid of some of yours too. If you keep them too long, they become outdated and don’t do you much good anyway.