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Ten Great Reasons to Stall Your Advertising

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Most people who see an advertisement in a restroom stall or urinal are likely to read it because they have at least a few seconds to spare and they’re compelled to read just about anything in front of them, even graffiti.

In the image below you see several colorful examples from Midwest Indoor Advertising:


Here are ten reasons you should consider advertising in your restrooms (a.k.a. indoor advertising):

  1. Entertain while building brand recognition.
  2. Target men or women of specific age groups.
  3. Hold audience captive for 30 seconds or more, longer than most other forms of advertising.
  4. Get your message through to the young, the affluent, to those who are out spending.
  5. Offer phone numbers, calendar events or web sites that people can enter directly into their PDA on the spot.
  6. Reach specific geographic locations.
  7. Provide compelling news or facts that motivate reader to take action.
  8. Capture people when they don’t mind taking the time to read, unlike telemarketing, web site pop-up windows, emails, and other less appealing forms of advertising.
  9. Customize your ads to suit a number of target markets.
  10. Utilize this cost-effective form of advertising in your restrooms even if you don’t do it anywhere else.

If you’re interested in finding an ad agency who can help you with indoor marketing, see IBAA’s membership directory:
Indoor Billboard Advertising Association Membership Directory

Even if you don’t have a big budget to advertise outside your business, consider placing ads for upcoming events or specials in your own restrooms. Kaibo Restaurant, Beach Bar and Marina at Rum Point in Grand Cayman hung framed cork boards on the back of their stall doors. Although they would look better if they were centered on the door, some signage is better than none. The off-center would, however, make more sense if the hooks were moved more to the right so that a hanging purse, beach bag or towel wouldn’t cover the sign.

DSC07317 Restroom at Kaibo in Rum Point, Grand Cayman

The font on the Kaibo sign below is too small. They should say less with bigger font and with more attractive graphics.

DSC07318 Restroom at Kaibo in Rum Point, Grand Cayman

The small font on April Events Calendar from REI shown below could also minimize the impact of their message. It would make more sense to advertise specific events with eye-catching photos in the stalls and place a larger calendar someplace else where people can read all the details. It would also be easier to keep the calendar more updated where the past weeks rolled off and only the upcoming four weeks were shown. I took this photo on April 27, a time when most of the April events were obsolete.

DSC05097 REI Events Calendar Indoor Marketing

If you aren’t utilizing indoor advertising and need advice on designing a customer communication strategy for your business, contact

If you have more ideas about best practices for indoor advertising, feel free to share your comments.


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