Bob Haataia is the Techie, and Lorraine Haataia is the Writer. Together we make up the Techie and Writer Video Productions team.

Class B RV RAM Mount Diablo techie and writer video productions

Techie and Writer at Mount Diablo

We produce promotional videos featuring people, places, products, services and events. Our purpose is to encourage people to live a happy and active lifestyle by getting together with family and friends, participating in community events, and enjoying nature.

We focus on life in Central California, but occasionally do videos beyond this area. We do most of our filming from Friday evening through Sunday afternoon.

We enjoy connecting with, and promoting, musicians who produce uplifting music. If you have a track or album you’d like us to promote, feel free to send it to us. We’re always looking for upbeat music to energize our videos. Since we started producing videos in 2016, we’ve featured a number of terrific musicians such as:

In addition, we also promote products, services, events, and places related to living a healthy lifestyle. Check out some of our video production to see some examples:

We enjoy promoting purpose-driven products and services that encourage positive living. Here are a few examples:

If you have a product, service or event you’d like us to promote through video production, contact to book a date to film.