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Want to design a sustainability strategy to improve business processes and work environments while reducing cost and waste?

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Experts apply creativity when they design work places and processes. Employees do their best, more or less, to work in and around these environments and constraints. In the meantime, things are always changing: competition, systems, regulations, suppliers, customer requirements, and so on. This is why organizations need to continually measure, improve and evaluate the effectiveness of their environmental management systems.
Left unchecked, organizations lose pennies from unnecessary waste, nickels due to fossilized policies, dimes from inefficient processes, quarters from communication breakdowns, and dollars when employees and customers become complacent.
Dr. Lorraine helps organizations with environmental improvements from the inside out, from the strategic position and policy, to the aspects and procedures that drive activities and financial results. Dr. Lorraine is a consultant who develops training materials to help companies engage employees, orchestrate profitable green initiatives, and communicate their environmental performance both internally and externally.
Her mission is to facilitate the exchange of sustainable ideas across industries and occupations to help organizations reduce waste by improving their business processes and work environments.


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